About The Front Bench

The last 2 decades of Australian politics have been dominated by issues that are of very little relevance to most Australians.

John Howard, when faced with flagging support from the electorate, resorted to exploiting hate and fear for his political gain such as the Tampa Affair and the September 11 Attacks in 2001 and the War On Terror in 2003/4. Poor choices of opposition leaders on behalf of the Australian Labor Party (Mark Latham in particular) also helped him retain his Prime-ministership for an unprecedented four terms.

Economically John Howard and Peter Costello presided over phenomenal returns from the mining boom but, unlike other countries such as Norway, not only failed to put aside any of that for the future but instead spent it increasingly in the latter years on policies designed to ensure their reelection. These policies, like franking credit refunds and capital gains tax concessions, are becoming increasingly costly and are overwhelmingly benefiting only a small segment of the Australian population.

Despite all the above the Coalition, with very little proof and virtually no opposition, constantly repeats the message that they are the better economic managers.

The Australian Labor Party started the trend of knifing sitting Prime Ministers when their popularity waned and the Coalition continued this with Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison. Both sides have taken steps to make this going forward much less likely. The electorate however has increasingly started to look for alternatives to the major parties as a consequence of the resulting disconnect. Social media platforms have also played a big role in recent years as a unfiltered means of connecting with voters that smaller parties have used to their advantage.

This blog aims to ask the questions no-one else seems to be willing to ask and will try to fact check the statements made by all sides of politics.